They know their favorites. You are one of them.

The Missing

Only you know your peak times and down times, and they are almost impossible to guess. UHungry gives you the power to connect to you most reliable guests the moment you need them. Think of it as a flexible happy hour. When business is slow, tell your best cutomers to come in within a certain amount of time for the exclusive deal.

Beat the fixed costs, avoid the possible annoyance of blanket marketing with your customers, and get the traffic you need...when you need it.

Real Time

Empower yourself with numbers that change the game. Know which customers respond to your needs the most, which types of posts work best, per-post statistics, and a bunch more!

Tablet Ready

View restaurant analytics, post directly to your best customers, and see results through almost every device. Bring your laptop, carry your tablet, or reach in your pocket for near instant results.

Take it to the next level.

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