Think of it as...

a flexible happy hour

Here's an example...

Bob is a manager at a local restaurant. Monday nights are normally packed...except tonight. Bob scheduled 5 people to work but is now debating on sending them home.

Instead, Bob jumps on uhungry. He posts a deal saying, "15% off all pasta for the next 3 hours!"

Stacy looks up the local restaurant, seeing that there is an active deal for the next 3 hours. She grabs the deal and some friends, and heads over.

Jim was on the categories page, and went to the Italian category. He sees a deal for pasta right down the street!

John saw that his buddy Jim grabbed a deal from a restaurant he hasn't heard of. John grabs it too!

Everyone earns badges for grabbing the deals, possibly promoting them to better deals!

Bob generated traffic right away, customers ate great food, and new people found out about what Bob has to offer!

Happy customers, happy employees, happy managers...that sounds like a happy restaurant!

Might as well..

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